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JJ DiGeronimo, president of Tech Savvy Women, shares strategies for effective leadership, influence, and inclusion to help accelerate women’s careers. DiGeronimo will discuss navigating career choices, resiliency, and networking with purpose.

Professional journals are always in need of volunteers to serve as peer reviewers of manuscripts. This presentation will cover how to become a peer reviewer for professional journals in your field and what is expected of a peer reviewer.

Get the scoop on podcasting. Learn about recording equipment, platforms for hosting your podcast, choosing a format, and editing your podcast.

This brief course will introduce you to Design Thinking, a proven process used to listen to customers, define problems to be solved, create ideas, prototypes, and test solutions.

Walden Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student Sheila Mercado shares how she persisted through two natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic in Puerto Rico and emerged as a leader in the nursing field.

This course will focus on the critical appraisal and use of Telehealth in advanced nursing practice and the value it brings to addressing many critical healthcare issues including practice and access to care for all in various health care settings.

Telehealth services can help provide the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Join Dr. Virginia Moore, College of Nursing faculty member, as she explores what healthcare system leaders must consider in implementing telehealth services.

In the second of a three-part webinar, learn how your brick-and-mortar practice can expand to include telehealth. Among the topics covered are scope of practice, online prescribing, coverage and payment, patient privacy and security, and more.

In the third part of this series on telehealth, Dr. Virginia Moore explores telehealth innovations ahead, including virtual chronic disease management, a “hospital at home” model, expanding access to care for vulnerable populations, and more.

Martin Culberson, a Walden Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) student, teacher, and graduate assistant shares his wisdom from the K-12 classroom.   Know how to motivate kids at home and help them thrive.
Teacher burnout can be difficult to address because many of the stressors causing it are outside of an educator’s control. Dr. Crestie Smith, faculty member in Walden’s MS in Education program, provides practical tips for preventing teacher burnout.

A three-member panel of experienced educators will look beyond our current “new normal” and discuss finding better ways of delivering P-20 education in a post-COVID-19 time.

Mindfulness educator Sally Arnold explains how mindfulness can transform the culture of a classroom by improving focus, reducing stress, and increasing curiosity and compassion.